Food Diary, Includes Exercise And Medical.
"The Food And Exercise Diary Version 6.2"

"The Food And Exercise Diary is more advanced, comprehensive, and configurable than any other food diary on the market.  Features an elegant, beautiful design.  Many satisfied users.  A leader since 2001."

The Food And Exercise Diary is an exceptionally high quality software designed for weight loss, fitness, health and well being.  It covers everything you need including food, exercise and medical.  Calculations, reports, graphs, analysis, predictions, printing, sharing, privacy.  Beautiful, elegant design.  Affordable.  Dedicated, highly qualified customer support.

Read the detailed review below.  Watch the Video Review & Tutorial.  Take a look at the Full Size Screenshots.  Works with Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP.  You can read about The Author.

Detailed Review

Below is a summary view intended to show a quick glance overview of the day, and not a detailed view.  Detailed views with complete 140 nutrients breakdown for each meal, food item, or the entire day are shown later.

Main Screen

No More Writing Notes On Paper.

You no longer have to track your meals and exercise on paper. Keep your logs neatly organized on your computer, where our food diary automatically calculates 140 different nutritional values for your meals. You no longer have to painstakingly lookup each individual nutritional value in reference books.

Enter entire meals in 1-minute, with our exclusive Food-Explorer.  No other diet software offers this revolutionary food selector that makes food-entry a snap. More on this later.

A Comprehensive Food Database

The software comes with a nutritional information database for nearly 50,000 different food items, including brand name foods, fast chain restaurants and frozen packaged foods.

The food database is accurate. It is based on the United States Department of Agriculture Nutrient Database for Standard Reference.

"First of all I wanted to tell you - I checked out a lot of programs before I settled on your food diary, its awesome.  I love how fast my issues where handled, I also can't believe how huge a program this is. "  Rhonda A.

Monthly And Weekly Views

Immediately visible are your daily weight, daily caloric-intake and daily calories burned exercising for the month. This calendar view is a simple, powerful way to keep track of your progress toward weight loss without getting involved with graphs and analysis tools.

Diet Software Calendar

"By the way, great food diary program and very useful!"  - J. Holden

Select Foods That Makeup Your Meals
By Food Category Breakdown, With
Optional Keyword Search

The food listings are broken down to food groups, and further broken down level-by-level by food makeup.  So you select, "Baked Products," then, "Bagels," then "Plain." 

Explorer View 

"I loved your food diary program.  It is marvelous! ...I'm very impressed." - A. Nancy.

"Fantastic software.  I've downloaded and tried too many diet programs to count. Your software was the last one I tried. Once I watched the video tutorials I knew I didn't need a free trial. The only thing that concerned me was the fact that there aren't any video tutorials for the exercise log. I bought the software today and I have to say I am impressed. I love that I can add my own measurements and edit so many things. I love how easy it is to use. Actually I love just about everything about it!"  - Tami

By Alphabetical Listing, With Optional Keyword Search

You can search the comprehensive food database alphabetically.  Type words into the search box to search for foods.

Food Explorer - Sorted View 

"Any thoughts...  as its the best program by a long shot...x." Carole-Anne B.

Detailed Meal View

You can see the complete meal makeup, and change, delete or add new foods.

Meal Details 

"This is a fairly well thought out program. I am enjoying using it.  By the way, it was recommended to me by one of my doctors, Dr. Eve Guth of the Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, TX."  Gerald B.

Shows A Breakdown of 140 Nutrients For
Individual Food Items, Entire Meals or The Entire Day.

The Nutrition Facts allows you to see 140 nutrients values in your food-intake. The nutrient values analyzed include cholesterol, lipids, vitamins, caffeine and 140 other nutrients. 

This information is the most comprehensive and accurate nutrient information.  The columns show the nutrient name, it's amount, and the FDA's recommended daily allowance.

Below, you can see an example of a meal makeup. 

Complete Nutrients Report

There are 4 screens full of nutrient information accessible by scrolling down the list.  You can hide nutrients that you do not want to see.  You can set a custom daily allowance levels for each nutrient.

"Thank you!!! I'm back to being able to track my calories and exercise.  Your service is awesome and the product is great too!!!"  - Darlene

Graph Daily Nutritional Intake

The graph shows in a glance if you are missing any nutrients in your daily diet.  You can customize this graph.

Nutrient Graphs

The food diary is the only software that comes with the Food Explorer.  The Food Explorer saves much time selecting foods.   You zoom in on foods quickly and easily.  With the Food-Explorer you can record entire meals in less than 3-minutes. 

To further speed up recording foods you ate, you can copy food items you ate in previous days since most people eat similar meals from day-to-day. 

Save Recipes

You can also save a group of food items as a recipe, and then reuse the recipe in the future.  Just load the recipe into a meal using food explorer, and then click "Save Meal As Recipe." 

Save Recipe

Load Recipes

You can load recipes saved by any user.  You can preview the recipes before loading them.  You can set for how many people to load the recipe, the nutritional values of the recipe adjust according to the number of people you specify.

"I just received your food diary and I'm very impressed.  It is by far the best software I have seen.  Kudos!"  - Tim Hoestermann

"Your stuff rocks.  Your food diary software is really the best thing I’ve found." - Gian A.

Recipe Manager

Manage Custom Foods

Although our food database is comprehensive, you can add your own foods. Copy the information from the food's Nutrient Fact Label:

Add Custom Foods

"Once again, I love your product.  It has really helped me to keep on track!"  - J. Hintz

Daily Allowance For Nutrients

When specifying an amount of a nutrient in a custom food, you can either enter the specific amount of the nutrient or enter the nutrients' percentage.

You can also change the percentage of the recommended daily allowance for each nutrient.  The food diary is preset with the FDA's recommended daily allowance.

Set Nutrients Daily Limit

You can create a custom food by automatically using the nutritional values of an existing food in the database.  So if you only want to make a few adjustments, you don't have to reenter all the nutritional information, just the changes. 

Create Custom Measures

You can add to any food, a predefined food or a custom food you created, a custom measure.  For instance, below you can see how to create a custom measure of "1 bowl" equals "10 ounces" of Cereal.

From this point on, whenever the user selects "Cereals ready-to-eat, GENERAL MILLS, CHEERIOS", an option of "1 bowl" will also appear.

Set Custom Measures For Foods.

Hide Nutrients You Don't Want To See

Manage Displayed Nutrients

Hide Food Groups Not To Your Liking

Manage Displayed Food Groups

 Limit Which Foods Are Shown

Food Research - Limit Displayed Foods

Record Exercise

The Food Diary automatically calculates your caloric spending based on your weight, exercise and duration of exercise (minutes). You can choose from a list of 226 exercises such as running, walking, golfing, yard work or housecleaning. You can also enter your own custom exercise.

Below is a picture of the exercise diary:

Exercise Diary 

Click on the Add Exercise button, select an exercise from a list, enter duration of exercise in minutes, and you are all set-- the calories burned are automatically calculated based on you weight, exercise and duration.

Set Calorie Limit And Exercise Budget
Customize For Each Day & Date Range.

Provide a weekly exercise caloric-spending limit.  With this limit you can schedule exercise throughout the week that meets your exercise caloric-spending need.

"I bought a new PC and would like to know how to transfer the files (Food& Exercise Diary) to my new PC.  I really love using the software and have already lost 10 pounds since purchasing it one month ago."  Sherrie L.

Calorie And Exercise Plan

Doubles Weight Loss.

A study by Kaiser Permanente's Centre for Health Research has researched using a group of 1,700 participants.  The conclusion of the study is that participants who kept a food diary lost double the weight.

Tracking with the Food And Exercise Diary you will decidedly have a real chance at your personal weight loss success, as you examine your exercise and eating habits, against your actual weight loss progress.  Making informed, correct choices, based on insight, not guessing, results in successful and healthy weight loss efforts.

Knowing and seeing the nutritional intake of your food, makes you eat less, and eat better foods.   The study is published in the 2007 August issue of American Journal of Preventative medicine.

Setup, Review And Track Weight Loss Goals

There are also weight loss goals and progress reports.  These show your actual weight loss vs. goal weight.  How much you need to lose a day, a week, a month.  How much you have actually lost in a day, a week, a month.  And you can define many different weight goals.  Such as losing 5 pounds, or losing 20 pounds

"This is high quality support on a Friday night!   Thanks for listening" - Jean

Weight Loss Goals Setup Screen

Below is the weight loss goal setting.  Select a start date, start weight, end date and end weight.  The rest is automatically computed.

Details of Weight Loss Goals

Below is a graph of actual weight loss in red, compared to target weight loss goal, in blue.  Plus, some good facts at the bottom.

Weight Loss Goals Graphs

Medical Diary & Journal

Should you need it, the software has a medical values diary that allows you to track your blood sugar level, insulin dosage, blood pressure, heart rate, medications, moods and custom comments.

Below is a picture of the medical diary:

Medical Diary

You can record insulin dosages, sugar levels, custom feelings and moods, custom medication, heart rate, and blood pressure, medication and comments.  You can create and edit any number of such records for a day.

Medical Records

Create Reports of Food,
Exercise, Medical, And Text Journal.

The Food Diary produces reports that you can use to analyze your weight loss progress, and fine-tune your eating and exercise as necessary.

You can print all the reports produced.  Shown below is the print preview screen, from which you can print a report of your daily measurements, food consumption, exercise and medical journal.  Review for yourself, or share with your dietitian or trainer.

The print preview shown here zooms out.  So you can see most of the report, but you can zoom in as wanted to review the report before printing.

You can customize by choosing to print all the report or just sections of it.

You can also export this report to Microsoft Word or WordPerfect for editing before e-mailing or printing. You, your doctor, your trainer or your dietitian, will need this report to assess your weight loss progress and troubleshoot your diet and exercise regime.

Display and print reports 

Graph Your Daily Weight, Caloric-Intake, Exercise,
Nutritional, And Sleep Analysis Series

Below are examples of graphs and graph-combinations.  Select a beginning date, ending date.  Then place a check next to the series you want to graph, and click "Graph...

To see your weight loss progress, the diet software graphs calorie-intake and nutrient-intake (such as carbohydrates, fats, sodium…) as well as daily weight.

Customize Graph

Below is an example of graphing caloric-intake. You can see there were two days where the caloric consumption was high:

Sample Graph

The graphing is powerful and flexible.  Clicking on the toolbar at the top to customize the graph.  Add your own series of data.  E-mail the graph, copy to the clipboard, save to a file, as well as rotate and animate the graph:

"I use the software regularly and absolutely love it."  Rebecca V.

Daily, Weekly And Monthly
Nutritional Analysis With Averages

Reviewing the analysis shown below is crucial in reaching your weight loss goals. By reviewing the report below, you will be able to see your daily nutritional intake as well as the averages for the week. You can then compare your diet plan with your actual average intake.  Troubleshoot your food consumption with this report to further increase weight loss success.

You can produce daily, weekly and monthly analysis. Below is a sample of a daily report.

Calorie Reports

Print the analysis, or export to your word processor, Microsoft Word or WordPerfect, for editing, printing and e-mailing.  Share the analysis with your doctor, dietitian or trainer; or review for yourself.

Find Out Which Foods In Your Diet
Contribute Too Much, Or Too Little.

Below is the food contributions screen. In this screen, the food diary shows you which foods contributed to a selected nutrient in a given time period.

It shows you for each nutrient, the total amount you consumed of it, and a breakdown of each food that contributed to this nutrient during a time period. So you can see which foods contributed most of a given nutrient.  Then, you can change your diet regarding these foods to better manager your nutrition 

You can see which foods in your diet contributed most of the fat, or most of the sugars or most of the carbs, or too little vitamins-- so on for the entire 140 nutrients.  This report is very effective in troubleshooting your diet.

Food Contributions Report

Keep A Daily Text Journal

Keep a full-length journal of your path to weight loss and fitness.  Capture other data the program does not standardize.   The journal is free writing.  Keep records relevant to your weight loss efforts.  Print the journal, e-mail and spell check it.


All Members of Your Family Can Use
The Software With Optional Passwords

Add any number of users you wish per computer. You can create a diary for each member of your household:


Set a password to protect your privacy.  Leave the password blank, then no password is necessary to log in.   Plus, if you are the only one who uses the computer, you can check-off "Automatically login to last user logged in," which will skip the login screen in the future.

Backup & Share Between
Your Home, Laptop And Office Computers

Backup the Food & Exercise Diary data for safekeeping. Transfer your logs between your laptop, home or office computer.

Backup & Restore

Percentage Body Fat Calculator

Our food diary includes a percent body fat estimator calculator, based on the US Navy Method.

You only need a tape measure to use it. It is accurate. Knowing your percentage of body fat at the beginning of a weight loss program is a scientific key in achieving weight loss success. Your bathroom scale can cause you to fail a successful weight loss program. Percentage Body Fat Calculator.

Basal Metabolic Rate Calculator

We will also include a Basal Metabolic Rate calculator. The BMR calculates the calories you burn at rest per day. Compute your minimum caloric intake based on your specific body type and dimensions.  Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) Calculator.

Windows 7, Visa, & XP

The food diary works with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. It does not work with Macintosh computers unless you have Virtual PC installed, or any software that emulates a PC on a Macintosh. 

No Need To Be Connected To The Internet

You do NOT need to be connected to the Internet in order to use the Food Diary.

More Comments We Received From Users

"I think your program is brilliant." C. Wallace

"Just wanted to say I LOVE this software, been using it for over a year religiously."  W. Watson

"Thank you very much.  You are the most responsive.  Quickest and greatest internet company that I have ever dealt with." Duane B.

"Thanks and blessings for a great program." L. Jones

"I would like to say I have been using the application and love it!"  D. Duchak 

"I find the software absolutely excellent."  Dr. C. Kerr

 "Excellent service, thank you." D. MacDonald  

"Thanks a lot.  I appreciate it.  I really love the program." C. Murphy

"I installed your program in May, and enjoy using it." J. Essick

"You have made one of the best diet programs I have found.  Thank you." E. Joan

"I am thrilled to have a tool that's much easier to use than pen and paper... [a week later] I have to tell you, I'm just loving this software! Thanks for responding so quickly." T. Keith

"Gee, you're quick - that's excellent customer support." F. Claudia

"Your software is excellent value for the money." D. Chet

"I really love the application.  I've been looking for something for a while." R. Roy

Join the thousands of people worldwide who use the Food And Exercise Diary to lose weight safely and get into shape.  It is a safe, powerful diet and exercise software program. 

Thousands of people around the world use the Food & Exercise Diary diet software.   It is easy to use, visually attractive and uncluttered.  It is an essential tool for neatly organizing weight loss tracking and analysis.


We took great care to make the software's the user screens and analysis tools easy to use without compromising functionality. The food diary is functionally powerful.  Yet it is affordable at only $39.97, and comes with a 3 months, risk-free, money-back guarantee-- no questions asked. You will also get prompt, free and unlimited technical support.

Without tracking, people make blind decisions regarding their diet and exercise.  As happened to so many people, they exert great physical and mental efforts only to end up disappointed, not losing any weight, and worn-out. 

Start to track your diet, exercise, and optionally medical values, from day one of your weight loss efforts for immediate positive results.

Steven McLean
McLean Software

P.S.   The Food And Exercise Diary is a top of the line weight loss and fitness software.  

Recording and analyzing foods you eat and exercise is crucial for your weight loss success. Tracking your progress and adjusting your program is the key to successful weight loss.

The Food & Exercise Diary fee is a onetime charge of $39.97, and comes with a full 3 month-money back guarantee-- no questions asked.  Order now and start using the Food And Exercise Diary in a few minutes.