Body Fat Percentage


The Food And Exercise Diary includes a body fat percentage estimator based on the U.S. Navy method. Your body fat percentage is the only scientific method to measure weight loss.
You can measure all the necessary input values with a simple tape measure. There is no need for expensive equipment.

Body Fat Percentage Calculator

When you exercise, your body develops more muscle mass and burns fat mass. So to some degree the weight of the two masses cancel each other out. Thus, your body total weight alone, as determined by a bathroom scale, is not a correct estimate of your weight loss success.

You may actually gain total body weight but lose fat. Losing fat and gaining muscle mass is the desired result. Your body will look trimmer and more in shape but your bathroom scale can cause you to abandon your successful efforts.

With the body fat percentage estimator, shown above, you are only measuring your body fat percentage. As you lose fat and gain muscle, your body fat percentage reduces and accurately measures your success. The lower the body fat percentage is, the better shape you are in.

Men's ideal body fat is 15% and women's ideal body fat is 22%.