Manage Crohns Disease

Dear Friend,

First, I am very sorry to hear that you or someone you know has Crohns Disease.  I wish you the best of health.

The Food And Exercise Diary is ideal for keeping track of foods, moods and medications.  This is exactly what is needed for Crohns Disease diet tracking.

While keeping logs of your food intake, exercise, and medical, including moods, you will be able over a period of time to find connections between foods or food groups and symptoms of Crohn's Disease that you experience.

In our food journal, you can create custom moods under the medical diary.  Therefore, you can create a mood for each of your discomfort symptoms.  Whenever you feel that specific symptom, you select it in the medical diary.

Soon, you will start seeing the same Crohns Disease symptoms appearing when you eat the certain foods.  You will by this process find out what causes you attacks.

Guessing all of this, meaning without keeping a food diary, is a bad idea.  An accurate food diary will do the trick.

You will be able to find associations between moods and certain foods.  Since you can define your own custom moods in our food diary, you will be able to pinpoint exactly what food or medication is causing your symptoms.

First watch the video tutorials, the link is on the top toolbar.   Then you can download/order the software and start your path to managing your Crohns Disease better.