Manage Diabetes

Dear Friend,

For diabetes, keeping a food diary is essential.  I personally struggled with my diabetes until I started using the Food And Exercise Diary.  I have been able to get off insulin.  Now I am only on two pills a day for diabetes.  My diabetes is completely stable.

I no longer have the uncomfortable, dangerous and damaging highs and lows of sugar since I am off insulin.  This is all true and because of the Food And Exercise Diary.

I kept a log of my foods, my moods, my medications, my walks all in the food diary.  Soon, I discovered the good points and bad points about my diet and exercise and meds with regards to diabetes.  I have been able in just 2-3 days to recognize trouble-spots and within a few days to get stabilized with the diabetes.

Within about 1 month, I have been able to lose weight and not need the insulin shots anymore.

What I recommend is if you have diabetes, get the Food And Exercise Diary software on this website, it is perfect as a diabetes food dairy.  Start logging your foods, your exercise, your medications, and your moods, you will see results within a few days.

To start watch the video on how to use the Food And Exercise Diary by clicking Video Tutorials on the top toolbar of this page.