Food Diary Calorie Budget Tracking

Food Diary's Calorie & Exercise Plan
Setup Daily Limits for Exercise and Food Intake

Dear User,

The Food Tracker allows you setup different exercise limits and food intake limits for each day of the week.

Calorie Budget

You can set several overlapping time periods.  The one that has been setup last will take precedence.

The Food Diary main screen will show green values for days that you are within the calorie limit and red values for days you are higher than your calorie limit.

To setup a new limit range, click add new.  Then type a description for the limit such as your first week training.  Then type the calorie limit for each day of the week, and click update.

These calorie limits will show on the food diary daily summary screen.  You will be able to track if you are within your goals.

You can setup different goals for different time periods.  So lets say the first month, will have different exercising goals than months continue your weight loss efforts.