Food Diary Custom Foods

Food Diary's Custom Foods
Add & Edit New Custom Foods Into The Database

Dear User,

The Food Diary food database is comprehensive.  However, if there is a food you ate that is not in our database, you can quickly added it in by coping the info on the Nutrition Facts labels off the food package into this screen.

The screen below is the custom food screen of the Food Diary.

Food Diary Custom

This is the new custom food screen. The food diary in this screen allows you to define custom foods. The first thing you need to do is enter the food description.

When entering the description, keep in mind that the food will be categorized under all the foods based on the food description. So, if you have two foods starting with the same word such as Apple, they will be grouped under the same category Apple. And when you open the Apple category you'll have two choose a specific food you meant.

So Apple pie and Apple cookie will both appear under Apple. And when you open the Apple category you'll have cookie and pie.

Next enter the number of calories, fat, proteins, carbs, sodium, and dietary fiber off nutritional label of the food. And then enter the weight of of this portion of food.

So if you have 28 g of food containing 30 calories, 5 g of fat, etc. enter that as it says in the nutritional facts food label. You can select the weight of this portion to be in grams, pounds, ounces, or milliliters.

After entering the basic food information, you can enter any of the other nutritional values that are secondary such as potassium, Zinc, and other of the 140 nutritional values we track in the food diary.

At this point you have just to define the basic food make up for your custom food. So when you're done, click apply. The food has been added into the database.

If you would like to edit this food values, into foot Explorer select custom foods, then select the food you want to edit the values for. And click at it to custom foods button on the top right of the food Explorer.

If you would like to add a custom manager such as one cop or one glass, then select the food into foot Explorer as if you're going to edit to your meal. In the measures, scroll down and select add new measure. Then you'll be able to add the new measure such as Juan Koppel one glass or one plate to your custom food.

Our food database has over 50,000 foods, and we update the foods database regularly. However, if you would like to add your own food, this screen allows you to do so.

Specify A Nutrient Value By Amount or Percentage

When specifying an amount of a nutrient in a custom food, you can either enter the specific amount of the nutrient or enter the nutrients' percentage.

You can also change the percentage of the recommended daily allowance for each nutrient.  The program comes preset with the FDA's recommended daily allowance.

Set Nutrients

You can also create a custom food by automatically using the nutritional values of an existing food in the database.  So if you only want to make a few adjustments, you don't have to reenter all the nutritional information, just the changes. 

Create Custom Measures

You can add to any food, a custom food you created, or a food from the main database, a custom measure.  For instance, below you can see how to create a custom measure of "1 tablespoon" which equals "4 ounces" of Coconut Oil.

From this point on, whenever the user selects this Coconut oil food, an option of "1 tablespoon" will also appear, in addition to gram, ounce and etc..

Custom Measure For Food Diary