Food Diary's Custom Recipes

Food Diary's Custom Recipes
Add & Edit New Custom Recipes

Dear User,

You can save your meal as a recipe to be loaded at a later day more quickly.  This is done by clicking the save recipe button at the very bottom of the food explorer screen:

Food Diary - Food Explorer

Save Meal as recipe at the bottom of the above food explorer screen saves the recipe.  Load Recipe, loads the recipe when you have the same meal in the future.

Food Diary - Save Recipe

Food Diary Load Recipe

So if you have a recipe that you eat often.  You load it as a meal.  Then save it for future use.  You can also load recipes from other users, in case you eat the same meal as other family members in your house hold.

The food diary allows you to quickly view different users, my selecting the user, and then selecting the recipe at the bottom, then clicking load recipe.