Food Diary's Diet Contribution Report
Find Out Which Foods You Eat Contribute Most or Least To Each Nutrients

Dear User,

The following is the Food Diary's diet contribution report.  You can see in a glace that "snacks, banana chips" has contributed over 45% of the sugar in this period.  So if you are looking to cut down on sugar that is where you start.

Food Diary Contribution

This is the food contribution report by nutrients by period.

In this report that you can find out which of the foods you eat contributed mostly to be nutrients you're interested in. So for instance if you want to see where you get most of your fat from, or you want to see where you get most of the sugar from, or you want to know where most of the proteins come from.

What you do is select a period that you want to analyze. Select the start date, select an end date. The food diary will analyze all the foods you've eaten in that period. Then, click on the nutrient you're interested in such as water, fat, carbohydrates, sugars or any of the 140 nutrients. You will then get a report of which food contributed to this nutrient.

First you will see the total amount you have consumed of this nutrient in the period you have selected. Then you will see sorted from high to low each food that contributed to this nutrient and how much it contributed, and what percentage of the total contribution to this nutrient.

So for instance you can see that in a period of one month you've eaten 100 g of fat. Of which let's say French fries contributed 50 g of fat, which has 50% of the total fat eaten in the period selected.

In this way you can see which food you should eliminate which food you should eat more of and which you should continue eating as you have done until today.