Medical Diary - Food Diary

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Food Diary Medical

This is the medical diary screen of the food diary.

In this screen he can keep medical values such as blood pressure, heart rate, medications you have taken, feelings and moods, and insulin levels, we general health comments.

At the top left, you can enter the time, the event and the sugar level.

Events can be after breakfast, before breakfast etc., and the sugar level is what you get off your sugar meter. If you use insulin then you can track up to three different insulin injections. If you take more medications you can enter them into medications section.

On the left bottom, you can add medications that you take regularly. And then select the check mark next to the ones you took today.

On the right top, you can add feelings and moods, and check marks next feelings and moods you experience today.

On the right bottom, you can record your blood pressure and heart rate, and comments.

You can keep as many records this screen keeps a day as you want. So if you check insulin several times a day, or you take medications of several times a day, you can have as many such records their day as he would like.

Food Diary Medical View

On the medical diary summary screen, you see all the medical records recorded in a table form. To add a new record click on add medical diary, to edit a record select it in one of the tables, and then click edit. To delete a medical record, select it and click delete medical record.