Weight Loss Goals

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In the weight-loss progress screen you can track your weight loss progress against your weight-loss goals. You can create any number of goals. For instance, you can create a goal for the next two weeks to lose 3 pounds.

Food Diary Goal

Food Diary Goals

Select the start date and an end date. Select a start weight and a goal weight.

At this point, you have the report generated. On the first tab, you see how many pounds yet to lose each day, each week, and each month. How many pounds you still have to lose.

On the next tab, you'll see a graph that shows your actual weight loss compared to your goal weight loss. It will also show you how many days you are into your goal, how many weeks you are into your goal, and how many months into your goal. You also see how many days, weeks, months and years are left to reach your goal. How much total weight you've lost so far, and how much you still have to lose.

This entire report shows you your progress in a quick view compared to your goal progress. You can adjust your goal based on actual performance to reach realistic proposition for your weight-loss success.