Dear User,

Below find links to videos showing the main features of the Food And Exercise Diary.  The current version of the software is V6.2.  The videos demonstrate V5.3.

The main functions that are reviewed in these videos (V5.3) are essentially the same in V6.2. 

The latest version (V6.2) has a more beautiful, elegant visual design, layout and additional features.  Yet, the essential functions shown in the video carry over to V6.2.

You can see the visual design of V6.2 by looking at detailed screenshots

We are in the process of producing videos for V6.2.  In the meantime, do watch the following videos.  These videos are a must to watch to learn how to use the software properly.  To get a feel for the software, and it's options.

The Food And Exercise Diary is more advanced, comprehensive, and configurable than any other food diary software on the market.  In these videos, you will see that.

The software has more features than covered in these videos.

Steven McLean